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Titanium Fastener


1.Racing Bicycle or racing motorcycle
2.Phone component
6.Chemical equipment

product details

Grade: GR2 and GR5

Standard: DIN7, DIN912, DIN933, DIN84, DIN85, DIN963, DIN7991, DIN912, DIN931, ISO7380 etc.

Specification: Titanium Bolt, Screw, Nuts and Thread Rod from M3 to M24

Dimensional details:

1. Mini screw and bolts: M3 to M4, as per Customer’s required length or DIN standard

2. Usual screws ,bolts and nuts: M4 to M24 or bigger

3. Ti Thread rod :M3 to M24 of length 1000mm

4. JPTI can offer a customized product as per your drawing and special requirements.

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